What your favorite ice cream will tell you about your personality

Ice cream is a favorite summer dessert for most of us. And by which one you prefer, you can tell a lot about your character. Scientists came to this conclusion, referring to their observations.

Popsicles or sorbets of different colors are loved by pessimists, which is why they are saved by bright colors and unusual tastes.

Ice cream with chocolate will be preferred by people who like to be in the spotlight. They are trusting, know how to please others, and try to flirt in any situation.

The vanilla taste of ice cream is the passion of impulsive people who live with their hearts. They are easy to control and lend themselves to any opinion. At the same time, they are idealists and often perfectionists.

Coffee ice cream tastes fair and honest. Such people are very pedantic in their habits and lifestyle, they are very responsible and conscientious.

Strawberry flavor is preferred by very patient people, slightly shy and modest, and sometimes deeply immersed in their world.

Mint in ice cream will be chosen by discreet sweet tooth, who love to defend their own opinion. They are frugal and sometimes too stingy.

Almond-chocolate ice cream is a choice of excellent interlocutors who know how to listen and help in a difficult situation, sympathetic and so charming that people are drawn to them – for advice or just a pleasant friendship.

Chocolate chips are chosen by generous and enterprising people, the soul of the company, and reliable support for their loved ones.

Chocolate ice cream with pieces of cookies is preferred by ambitious, purposeful people who love the spirit of competition and are hard to concede to others. Among such people, there are many dreamers and builders of grandiose plans.

Almond-caramel dessert is the choice of gentle people with a fine spiritual organization. They do not like undue attention and are easily vulnerable.