3 Summer Vegetables to Help You lose weight

Summer is not a reason to stop fighting extra weight, especially since there are much more ways to get rid of extra pounds during this period. One of them is eating a lot of vegetables that are rich in fiber and moisture.


Due to the high starchiness of potatoes, those who are in the process of losing weight are afraid to use them. But in fact, you should be afraid of potatoes only if you intend to eat them often, fried or combining them with animal proteins. If you give preference to boiled or baked potatoes, then the starch contained in it is quickly broken down into simple sugars and is easily digested. All vitamins and minerals are preserved in potatoes baked in a peel, and the calorie content of the dishes is only 80 calories per 100 grams.


Cucumbers normalize metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and also improve appearance. They are low in calories while giving a tangible feeling of satiety. Fasting days on cucumbers will improve your well-being and get rid of a few extra pounds.


Zucchini contains a large number of minerals and vitamins. This vegetable lowers cholesterol levels, normalizes water-salt balance, and removes toxins.

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